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Drop your poetry accounts!

I absolutely adore this way to connect with other like-minded writers! I can't wait to familiarize myself with all of your poems - feel free to get to know me too, you can find me under @alliterative_artemis

  • @m_k.sarah on Instagram!! ♡

like @littlefairyqueen i've got a main instagram account where i'm starting to post poetry. it is @morganoliviacallaway

Hey, my poetry+art account is @111_catharsis_111 on Instagram.

Hi! I just saw this, and I love the idea! My Instagram account for poetry, handcrafted jewelry, and mental health awareness is @jazzoriesbrave

If you’re just interested in reading my poems, I post my favorite ones on which you can find by searching Jazzy Colbert on there.


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