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Does anyone else not know what their poems mean?

I've been submitting poetry to different magazines and journals (no luck so far sadly) and one of the rejection letters specifically mentioned that they enjoyed one of the poems I sent because it was so "concise" and "profound." Don't get me wrong, I love this poem and I'm really happy to hear that they enjoyed it as well, it's just that I'm really thrown by their "profound" comment. Because I have no idea what it's about.

Does this happen to anyone else? Where you write out a poem and then realize that you don't know what you were writing about?

(Btw, none of my friends can figure out what this poem is supposed to mean either)

No. I usually write poems with a very specific intention in mind and I shape the whole poem, every line, every word, the structure of the poem, the metric, the rhymes, the figures of style and speech, to convey the message that I intended.

But at the same time I know that when people are going to read my poem, they are going to interpret it through their own lenses and filter it though their own experiences, and that in the end my poem might end up meaning something to them that I hadn't intended, and that doesn't mean that their interpretation is wrong.

So, maybe they understood something deep in your poem that you hadn't intended. It might reveal more about them than it does about your poem. It might mean that there is a layer of interpretation of your poem that you hadn't thought about and that resonated with them.

Depends. Sometime I just write and am left like "TF is wrong with me?!" and other times I have a general idea or a story I'm going for

That's a weird problem, although I've definitely had the same one lol. I think there's almost always a meaning to the things we write, even if we're not consciously aware of it at the time. You could probably go back and analyze your own writing to try and figure out what you meant (plus it'll be easier than normal poetry analysis, because as the author, you know all the context!). Could be a fun writing/analysis exercise, and maybe some DIY therapy too lol:)

Oh also, what are some of the magazines and journals you submitted to? I've been looking for places to get my poetry out there too:)

I'm more a songwriter than a poet, but it often happens to me that words come into my head more to fit a tune or communicate a particular mood than to tell a story, so sometimes I'll have fragments of song that I have no idea what they mean. I usually try to string them together in some coherent way before I finish the song though.

Also, have you tried getting your angel poem published anywhere? It's one of the best things I've ever read, I'm sure some magazine will want it. 🙂

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