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You hurt someone too

in this house
the walls are dying to scream
about the things they have seen

you hesitate at the door
trust me, i understand it all

the ghosts are decades old
i can see them wander
you hear them, it gets louder

i know how memories can strangle you
they leave you gasping for air and haunt you

you're tortured by the past
but you hurt someone too
there's blood on your hands too

you should've been a lightbringer
you said in another universe you could've done better


Context: thoughts about visiting my toxic parent's toxic childhood home. English is not my first language so if I made grammar mistakes that's why!

This poem is beautifully written! I really enjoy the minimalism of it with the lack of capitalisation and holding back on punctuation. I wouldn't have guessed English was your second language while reading it, because it feels like a lot of very poignant and deliberate choices were made about the language you did use.

I'm very fond of your first stanza because it reminds me of the story The Yellow Wallpaper, which is also about a toxic home and family.

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