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Thanks For Checking Out My Website!

Hi everyone! If you don’t know me, my name is Rachel and I am a Youtuber who likes to speak on a variety of topics. As an atheist, I often debunk bad science from Young Earth Creationists, and call out harmful life advice from theists. While, as a big fan of science I enjoy takling about human biology, psychology and animals. I’d also say I’m a pretty liberal feminist, definitely an outspoken ally to the LGBT+ community and passionate about raising awareness and reducing stigma of mental health issues.

My main goals are to educate, entertain and empower all my viewers and encourage them to have to confidence and knowledge to form their own opinions, make their own decisions and really take control of their lives.

I’m mostly hoping this site will be a little bit of a hub for all my work: Links to Youtube videos, stuff I’ve written, photos I’ve taken, paintings I’ve done.

Just take a look around, explore and have a giggle!

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