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I like my makeup and I’m not ashamed of that. Enjoying makeup doesn’t make me anymore ‘vain’ or ‘vapid’ or ‘silly’ than a person who enjoys painting or making sculptures or writing poems. It’s art… that just happens to go on your face and it’s so much fun.

That’s why I like to have fun with my makeup. For me, it’s never about trying to change the way I look or hide certain things (let’s be honest, you all know I have a couple of spots and a few wrinkles under there, I’m only human!), it’s about having fun and creating something pretty or cool or bold or interesting and my face just happens to be the canvas.

I’ve always loved experimenting with makeup but I was always absolutely petrified to wear it in public. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and he asked me about makeup and I was trying to explain how my attitude to makeup has changed over the years and I’d never have been able to wear half the stuff I wear now, a few years ago.

‘I was once so ashamed of my face, my appearance, I hated how I looked. Bold makeup would only draw attention to me and I didn’t want that. But it’s different now…’ I started to explain.

‘Ahh so makeup makes you more confident when you wear it now?’

‘Actually no,’ he’d got it backwards, ‘I’m able to wear it because I’m more confident.’

For me, making peace with myself and learning to accept and like myself the way I am (including a few wonky teeth and a big forehead) made me realise that I need to stop worrying so much about what other people think and just enjoy myself more. If I want to wear bright neon green eye shadow and fuschia pink lip-gloss one day, I’m going to do it.

All makeup I buy now is Cruelty Free and I’m trying to make sure as much of it is vegan as possible. Every now and again you might see me use a non-cruelty free product in a makeup look – this is just because it’s something old I have that I’m trying to use up. I don’t recommend these products, but if, for example, I really felt I needed a gold eyeliner to complete my look and the only ones I had were the non-cruelty free ones, there’s not much point in me not using a product I already own… that just seems wasteful. Just know, once they’re gone and used up, I’m not going to be buying them again.

Check out some of my favourite makeup looks below.


When it comes to clothes and fashion, I definitely don’t just have one style. Don’t believe me? Check out my Youtube comments section where between several videos you’ll see me called everything from Barbie to a goth, from a prudish librarian to an attention seeking slut, from a child to a fine, respectable young lady. Ok… maybe not so much the last one but I live in hope that one day people will be nice.

I half-joke… I mean I have been called all those things but it really doesn’t bother me. I have 3 simple rules when it comes to clothes:

  1. Is it comfy?
  2. Does it make me feel good?
  3. Can I afford it? (I like a lot of variety so it doesn’t make much sense for me to spend too much on individual items of clothing)

I just like to have fun with my clothes and wear a whole variety of stuff. Here’s a little idea of a few of my favourite outfits / items of clothing:

And even if you don’t like my style, you can’t deny that Kyra is a fashion icon.

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