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Octopus T-Shirts

Octopuses are one of my favourite animals of all time – if you’ve seem my ‘Are you smarter than an octopus?’ video, you might have noticed I hinted at this… just a little.

Everyone’s favourite cephalopod is smart, cute and deserves to be celebrated and shown off with their own t-shirt design. 

I’ve chosen higher quality materials and bigger prints than normal for these shirts and there’s only going a limited run so if you love octo-boys (and -girls!) I’d grab it while you can! I’ve also created some cute stickers and posters , if t-shirts aren’t really your thing. AND there are some kids t-shirts if you want to share the cuteness with the little ones in your life.

Octopus Merch - Teespring - Rachel Oates

Get your Octopus Merch here.

The Design Process

When designing this t-shirt I spent a lot of time looking at photographs of octopuses (yes, that is the correct plural!) and videos, and sketching them in different poses, before deciding on this basic design.

I scanned my sketch and recreated it in photoshop, adding colours and textures and some cute little background bubbles! I absolutely love the design I ended up making!

Finished Octopus Design - Rachel Oates Merch

Get your Octopus Merch here.

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