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This is just a random spot for all my photos that didn’t really fit anywhere else…

Abstract Colours and Light Photograph - Rachel Oates
This was actually a cut-glass candle holder that I tipped on it’s side, shone coloured lights through and played around with manual focus on the lens. I absolutely love the abstract result, it’s so pretty!
Same thing as above but which a bottle or perfume!
Dried flowers from Warren and Rachel’s wedding which were hung on my bedroom wall when I stayed with them for a few months in Brighton.
A little bundle of goodies including a tape from Tremorheart – a great little band I discovered when I lived in Oxford. I don’t know much about what happened to them but I loved them and this little tape was fantastic – each came with a unique and numbered Polaroid photo of the band which I thought was a cute little touch! Don’t Talk About Paula is a brilliant, catchy little 80s-inspired song.
I borrowed PhotoSoc’s flash gun and had a little play around with it for these 2 photos – I positioned the flash directly behind the bottles, lowered the rest of the lights and got these gorgeous little shots.
I can honestly say I don’t miss rainy trips too and from campus on the U1…

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