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Brighton’s West Pier


Matte print available in a range of sizes. Signed and numbered on back.

Brighton’s West Pier was built and opened in 1866 and it was such an huge part Brighton’s appeal but 2002-2003 it suffered. After being damaged by a storm and then facing 2 arson attacks, its funding was taken away. It’s dangerous, damaged structures were removed and now it’s been left to slowly fall apart and be reclaimed by nature. Maybe at some point it’ll be removed or replaced completely but for now it’s still there as a haunting but strangely beautiful reminder of Brighton’s past.

For me, it’s always been a part of Brighton as long as I’ve been visiting it and, despite being a damaged old structure, it feels familiar and strangely inspiring.

In this photo I love the interactions between nature and the manmade structure. It kind of reminds me that while our influence and presence, as humans, is important, the natural world existed, as a whole, long before we did and will continue long after us and our buildings and technology are gone.


Please note: 

  • Images on site are lower quality than prints.
  • Some image crops are irregular non-standard print sizes. Where this is the case, the image will not be cropped. Print will have black border on top/bottom or left/right and overall print size will be what you select. e.g. Print may be 8×12 but image size may be 7×12 with a small black border at the top and bottom. 

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