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Penistone Church


Matte print available in a range of sizes. Signed and numbered on back.

I get it, it seems weird that I am selling a print of a church but this is my childhood right here. I grew up on the same street as this church in Penistone, I have family buried in the graveyard, it’s the centre of the town where I grew up, went to school, got my first job, suffered a hell of a lot and started to become the person who I am today.

This building has an incredible amount of history too: While most of the church was built way back in the 1300s, some parts are over 1,000 years old and built in the 900’s. It’s a central part of the town I grew up in and, even as an adamant atheist, I can admit it’s an absolutely beautiful building.

This photo was taken a few years back now and shot from the street I grew up on, looking up at the church as the sun set.

It’s sometimes difficult to appreciate where you grew up, especially when it’s tainted by bad memories and people who are still there making you feel bad but moments like this really make you stop and take a step back and objectively think… ‘wow’ 🙂

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  • Images on site are lower quality than prints.
  • Some image crops are irregular non-standard print sizes. Where this is the case, the image will not be cropped. Print will have black border on top/bottom or left/right and overall print size will be what you select. e.g. Print may be 8×12 but image size may be 7×12 with a small black border at the top and bottom. 

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